Ep68 Dawn Scott US Soccer High Performance Periods

Happy Fall to all you sporty types,
My guest this week is Dawn Scott, US Soccer Women’s High Performance Coach.

You know what? I’m just going to say it: Listen to this episode! Tell all your athlete women friends to listen to this episode!

How Dawn is incorporating the science of menstrual cycles into training, recovery, nutrition, hydration, health, and injury prevention is essential for any woman training at any and every level. Pass this along. Your friends will thank you.
Dawn also discusses working with the Women's National Soccer Team, how focused & professional the players are, being on the road for 50 days prepping and during the World Cup, her own background, strength training (including the structure of a basic plan), and creating good sleep habits. (Find out about tart cherry juice.) 🍒
I’m keeping it brief because really, the main message here is listen to Dawn.

Other Highlights:
1. Often producing episodes (even while thinking of how much work still needs to be done for equity) I think about how far women’s sports have come since 20 years ago when I was competing. The kind of support Dawn along with the entire coaching staff provide players is on a completely different planet from what I remember. I know, different sport and cycling still has issues, but still! 
2. As a corollary to the point above, talking to Dawn highlights all the work involved in being an elite athlete. The level of commitment necessary is over the top. Even just looking at the sleep routine Dawn outlines. Sure, I could not look at my phone before bed for a month, maybe two, maybe. But committing to that AND everything else Dawn mentions for the four years of an Olympic cycle or a World Cup cycle (or imagine a World Cup + Olympic cycle) is an entirely different level of strict, single-focused dedication that most of us can’t imagine.

3. The beauty of this episode is that Dawn, her players, and FitrWoman show what important, long-lasting work can be done by women for women given resources. The team is making a true impact on women’s sports, pay equity in and out of sports. The scientists behind FitrWoman are doing research that will impact female athletes going forward. I hope to they inspire others to continue and expand the work.

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☄️"For any athlete and maybe especially female athletes (strength training) is fundamental to everything that we do."
☄️"It’s all about education, awareness, and forming good habits."
☄️"I always say to our players, they have to be athletes 24/7."

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