Hear Her Sports is the podcast where female athletes share secrets to live with power and confidence, speak up, and do amazing things in today’s changing world.


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Elizabeth Emery is a big fan of sports and female athletes. She leaves every interview smiling, super excited, energized, motivated, and inspired. She loves introducing exceptional female athletes to a bigger audience and sharing their stories and words of wisdom.  

Elizabeth is a former professional athlete who has been interested and involved in sports since before the passage of Title IX. In the '90s, she raced bicycles professionally, traveling all over the country and the world. Some fond memories include winning the Tour of Japan with the National Team, learning to race with Century Road Club Association in New York City, and finding inspiration in physical movement leading to greater understanding of how we interact with one another.


Elizabeth Emery host of Hear Her Sports female athlete podcast
 Hear Her Sports is featured in Cleveland Magazine as a favorite podcast! 

Hear Her Sports is featured in Cleveland Magazine as a favorite podcast! 

The Beginning 

The podcast started because I enjoy keeping up on sports and competing athletes. And yet it’s difficult to find anything written about women. I’d look for a while, then give up.

When I moved to Cleveland in 2008 I started following the Cavs. Each year during the finals, when I'd spend many hours watching games, I would kick myself for not spending equal time watching women’s sports. 

I started debating with friends about reasons for lack of coverage. To be prepared and informed for these discussions I researched. 44% of athletes are women and only 4% of the media coverage is about women

Listening to the endless stream of manly discussion, call-ins, and chit-chat on the The Fan 92.3 during the Cav's season made it easy to learn about players, teams' strengths and weaknesses, and stats.

I wanted that same wealth of information for women's sports. I wondered what kind of sports coverage would keep me interested. What would I like to read and listen to? Someone should really provide that engaging and smart content about women's sports. Finally, I began to imagine how I could be that someone. 

·       Join me in hearing what exceptional female athletes have to say.

·       Tell your friends, colleagues, and sporting partners. 

Hear Her Sports values women and girls involved in sports and all female athletes by giving them voice. We value other organizations that support equality in sport. Sports isn't just sports. Equality in sports is equality in possibilities for everyone's future. 

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