Episode 65 Felisha Legette-Jack You Matter

I’m so happy to welcome this week’s motivating guest Felisha Legette-Jack, University of Buffalo’s Women’s basketball coach.

I contacted Coach Jack because in May of this year, Hanna Hall, one of her players released a video about her struggle with anorexia. What really struck me was that it Felisha, who stepped in and took action with strength and love when she saw that Hanna was struggling. In the episode, Coach Jack talks quite a bit about her coaching philosophy and why there was never a question of her helping this young athlete despite what she describes as fear and courage colliding.

As much as she focuses on process and taking care of her athletes, Coach Jack is very competitive and wins a lot. In 7 seasons at Buffalo she has 143 wins (the second most in program history) Two MAC Championships, Four postseason appearances, Three NCAA Tournament wins, the 1st Draft Pick in school History with Cierra Dillard, and this year she led the Bulls to the second round of the NCAA Tournament for the second straight year.

This is the 2nd of three in the mini-series with coaches. I’d want Coach Jack as a coach. The idea of a strong woman in my corner for life is incredibly appealing! One reason I’m talking to female coaches is because it’s such an important, influential position and there aren’t enough of them out there. For women’s college teams in all sports only 40.8% of the head coaching jobs are held by women.

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