Episode 58: Jen Gurecki Demand Exceptional

Once again, I have a wonderful female athlete to introduce this week.  Jen Gurecki is CEO of Coalition Snow, a woman founded ski & snowboard company, Editor in Chief of the excellent new print magazine SISU, Co-host of Juicy Bits podcast, and Founder of Zawadisha.

With all that I was most excited to get Jen on the show to find out more about selling quality women’s equipment versus “pinking down” something designed and made for by men. If you’re a regular listener to the podcast, you have heard me talk about my quest for wide cycling shoes and I mention it again in this episode. It’s interesting, this time, while editing it struck me that my feet aren’t really that small and yet I’m nearly apologizing for needing something special. My feet are 7.5, small for a man, of course, but pretty average for a woman.

So tune to hear from Jen about why she started Coalition and what’s the impact of providing excellent gear for sporty women right from the get go. She is able to talk about her experience and challenges as she works to get her skis and boards into smaller independent stores. Right now, not one carries Coalition Snow. 

Jen & I also talk about being kind, speaking up, and dealing with making mistakes and quite a bit of other great stuff.

Jen was amazing to work with getting this episode together and I love her generous spirit of supporting other women.

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