Episode 57: Rachel Haines Forgiving 

Joining the podcast this week is gymnast and now author Rachel Haines. She was a two-time member of the US Women’s Gymnastics team, two-time National Champion, and Division 1 college gymnast at University of Minnesota where she studied child psychology. She’s also earned a master’s degree in family social science.

She’s just come out with her memoir, Abused: Survivng Sexual Assault and a Toxic Gymnastics Culture, about her time as a gymnast and as Survivor 195 in the Larry Nassar case.

In it, she writes in detail about breaking her back in 3 places and everything she did to stay in the sport after that. But, mostly Rachel uses the lens of her psychology training to dissect her time in the sport. She focuses on the culture of gymnastics, being a driven teenager, her own process of healing, forgiving, moving on, and creating a great life after sport.  

Rachel now coaches young gymnasts and has been able to implement her own ideas about improving the sport. It was really fun to talk to her about what she’s learned and about balancing being a strong competitor, safety, and the process of improving and becoming a good person.

Abused: Surviving Sexual Assault and a Toxic Gymnastics Culture, by Rachel Haines
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Kerri Strug, Olympic Gold Medalist
University of Minnesota Women’s Gymnastics

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