Episode 55: Mallory Hatmaker Running is Treatment

Joining Hear Her Sports this week is Mallory Hatmaker, certified nurse practitioner with Cleveland Clinic’s Employee Wellness and Internal Medicine departments and a fast runner. Last September she won a 5k outright (that’s right! against men & women). She trains at 6:40 pace pushing a stroller with a 2-year old inside. (She’s says it hard.) We talk about that speed, competition and some struggles.

What’s special and important about the episode is that Mallory tells of her experiences with postpartum depression, which hit her hard after the birth of her 2nd daughter. She shares details about what led up to that and about other contributing factors.

Mallory has managed to continue running even with physical, mental, family, time, and career constraints. She’s adjusted her training and renamed it, but keeps going.

I’m grateful to Mallory for her ability and willingness to talk about what she’s been through. It can be hard to talk about mental illness, taking medication, sending yourself to the hospital for 6 days, and all of our secret, personal foibles. Yet, when I asked her about using the recording for this podcast she said the more we open up the topic of mental illness the better.

This conversation was originally recorded as part of Hear Her Sports Glenville, an ongoing, separate audio project focusing on sporty women of Cleveland’s Glenville neighborhood.

This episode includes an excerpt from that full conversation along with a recent follow up call to find out how she’s doing now, a year later.

This conversation starts with us talking about a response mallory wrote on one of the online forms for women interested in telling their stories as part of Hear Her Sports Glenville.

Mallory Hatmaker
Hear Her Sports Glenville
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Links from the Hear Her Sports Glenville version
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The Cleveland Cultural Gardens
University Circle
Wade Oval
Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Cleveland Museum of Art
Cleveland Botanical Gardens
FRONT International
Famicos Foundation
Stonebrook Montessori
Cleveland’s Long-Awaited Eastside Market Now Open in Glenville, Sam Allard, SCENE, 2.21.19

Links for tools relevant to this episode
Yoga with Adriene, the free YouTube yoga I’ve been using daily
OmniFocus, I don’t have a daily list like Mallory, but do use organization tools like this task manager

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