Episode 54: Ashli Pratt Ready to Win

In this episode meet track sprinter Ashli Pratt, currently a freshman at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. When we spoke last spring, she was still in High school at Laurel School, a top-notch all-girls K-12 here in the Cleveland area.

We talk about her love of Laurel, benefits of an all girls school, nutrition, pushing herself, loving to win and disliking pre-season conditioning, finding her voice as one of the few black students after an initial period of thinking no one wanted to hear it, representation of people of color and women of color in media, particularly in major movies, being vibrant, experiencing a range of opinions, and making decisions in relation to choosing a college.

Ashli grew up in the Glenville neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. This whole episode can also be found as part of Hear Her Sports Glenville, an ongoing, separate audio project focusing on the sporty women of Cleveland’s Glenville neighborhood. Find all the Glenville stories right here.

Hear Her Sports Glenville
Laurel School
AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) Track & Field
Cleveland Mustangs – Ashli’s AAU track team
Candice Parker, first overall pick in the 2008 WNBA draft. 2019 team: LA Sparks
Xavier University
Black Panther movie
Guided Meditation Spotify play list

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