Episode 53: Meagan Martin Fun Power

February 6th, 2019 is the 33rd edition of the National Girls and Women in Sports Day. In honor of that we have a special episode with Meagan Martin, who along with so much else, models for Athleta. Meagan and American Ninja Warrior Jr. contestant Makena Cook have teamed up with Athleta to bring awareness to this special day and support the brand’s mission of keeping young girls active in sports. 

The amazing Meagan Martin is an American Ninja Warrior superstar, professional climber, USA Team climber, and, as of very recently, Meagan is also a commentator for USA Climbing on ESPN.

Clearly, Meagan is excellent at staying active. She also makes a point of coaching and mentoring younger climbers. Plus, she recently moved. I caught her between driving home from the airport after commentating at Bouldering Nationals and heading out to look at houses.

One super cool thing about this Meagan is she says out loud her goals, even if they are far out into the future. I love that! No hiding!

In the episode, Meagan shares her thoughts about the impact of sports for kids, girls and women, the value of mentors, painted nails, body image, goals, aging, and she has some final wise words… so click play and hear it all.

National Girls and Women in Sports Day, February 6th, 2019
Women’s Sports Foundation
Meagan Martin
Meagan Martin at the Minneapolis Ninja Warriors Finals - Her power and technique are stunning, as is her love for the crowd.
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Meagan Martin Twitter
Show Her What’s Possible Athleta Girls
ABC Kids Climbing
Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou: The Veteran Coach Leading the New Generation of Climbers, by Johanna Flashman, 1.19.2019. Climbing
Brooke Raboutou
Bouldering Open Nationals 2019
USA Climbing 2019 Combined Invitational: Highs and Lows. A look at the first-ever USA Climbing combined-format event, by John Burgman, 1.22.2019, Climbing
The Dawn Wall movie
Free Solo movie
The Boulder Field, Meagan’s climbing gym in Sacramento, CA — find Meagan there on Feb 6th to celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day
Roseville store in Sacramento will be offering a 20% discount off one Athleta Girl item. In order to receive, you can come to the Roseville store with a special girl in your life (daughter, sister, niece, mentee, student, etc) starting on Wednesday, February 6 through Sunday February 10, mention the “Show Her What’s Possible” campaign or National Girls & Women in Sports Day and receive 20% off one Athleta Girl item at checkout. (Hear Her Sports is not sponsored by Athleta, but Meagan models for them.

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