Episode 49: Sarah Ditmars Proving People Wrong

A listener reminded me last week how shocking my favorite stat is. 44% of athletes are women and only 4% of sports media coverage is about women.

I started this podcast when I heard that. Yes, of course, women in sports are absolutely making progress. But, it’s 2018! There still remain lots of hurdles and, frankly, battles with people in charge (mostly men) who don’t want to see change and fear loss of power and control. Women are uniting and taking a stand. We’ve heard that talking to Iris Slappendel in Ep42 and to Shelma Jun in Ep27. And look how USA Hockey and USA Soccer spoke up. Now players in the WNBA are coming together to ask for greater equity in their sport.

Now on to my latest guest, Sarah Ditmars, a coach and personal trainer.

In 2017 the Ontario Junior Hockey League named her Trainer-of-the-Year. This was super huge because in school she was told she’d never be a trainer for a men’s teams – girls worked with girls and boys worked with boys. We talk about those old limits and about why she’s not a women’s hockey team trainer.

Very recently, Sarah developed a coaching program to help retired female athletes. I completely relate to this. It is absolutely not easy leaving a sport you have been committed to and focused on for many, many years. Competing and training become part of an athlete’s identity. So what happens next? Sarah works with athletes very individually and has worked with hundreds of women, so she’s able to answer those questions.

We also talk about nutrition plus, of course, a few words about meal planning, heartbreak, who’s an athlete, breaking boundaries, fitting workouts into a already packed schedule, and being an underdog.

Sarah Ditmars
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