Episode 46: Jude Gerace Lively Wheels To Positive Outcomes

This week I talk to master wheel builder and owner of Sugar Wheel Works in Portland Oregon, Jude Gerace. She and her shop make beautiful, hand-crafted custom bicycle wheels. Each wheel set is designed specifically according to the rider’s needs, preferences, and riding habits. I was stunned to learn that even cadence plays a role in the suggestions Sugar Wheel Works presents to customers.

Of course, I loved talking cycling with Jude. Equally fun was talking about all the work she has put into running her business, some challenges she ran into, and her current moment of pause before she works on plans for the next 5 years. Our conversation has some real nuggets of wisdom about being a business woman and taking advantage of available help. Jude is excellent at working with mentors.

A phrase that has stuck with me is the grey zone of moderately successful. How does a small business move from working non-stop to some greater success.

I hope you enjoy the full episode. We talk about wheel building, running a small business, being one of the few women in the cycling industry, getting involved in the community, bike riding with a new dog, environmental & personal sustainability, and her work with Safe Routes to Schools.

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