Episode 38: Ambreen Tariq Diversity in the outdoors

In today's episode I interview Ambreen Tariq, founder of Brown People Camping, a social media initiative of personal storytelling to promote greater diversity in our public lands and outdoors community. Ambreen shares her own experiences as a Muslim, South-Asian American, immigrant female. I'm so excited about this episode and am extremely honored that Ambreen Tariq agreed to be on the show. Her schedule is full to capacity and she even admits to saying no frequently. It means a great deal to me that she said yes to be here.

Her stories are incredibly eloquent. She is willing to be personal on Instagram, to discuss how essential it is to get more people outdoors, and to open up the conversation about the wide range of relationships and experiences people have with wilderness.

I learned from our conversation and by following @brownpeoplecamping on Instagram and hope you will as well. 

For one, midway through the episode, Ambreen talks about what we ALL can do to promote diversity in the outdoors. Where to start, she says, is to acknowledge that there is a problem. She says way more than that in our conversation, so definitely tune in. Sign up for the newsletter to get updates on future episodes.

And, on a less serious note, Ambreen and her husband love to cook outdoors.  When she talks about lemon corn and setting up her campsite, she really opened up my idea of camping. It really doesn’t have to be an all day suffer fest of walking until you drop with only instant oatmeal and an energy bar for dinner.

Enjoy! being in nature with your friends and family, have a nice meal, and do a short hike.

It's always terrific to hear from you. Drop me a line.

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