Episode 36: Liz Sampey The Sky really is the limit

Todays’ guest is professional adventure athlete, Liz Sampey. She explores the world by bike, ski, packraft, and whatever else necessary. She has recently explored remote and challenging terrain in Guatemala, Peru, Iceland, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. She is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy, coach, and writer.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the meaning of adventure and who is adventurous, so talking to Liz Sampey about her multi-sport explorations brought new ways to look at the word. 

Liz has long been a competitor and endurance athlete. But it was when she quit her job to make a movie in Iceland that she focused on the unknown of exploring. (In our conversation she calls bike racing boring.) In addition to that fateful Iceland trip, she has recently been to Guatemala, Peru, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. She is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a coach, and a writer.

In the episode Liz is honest and open about her fears and limitations (She happens to be a slow packer.) and about her quest to learn more about herself. In her words… “I’m a person that is fiercely committed to my own growth in every way.”

We also talk about how expeditions fit into her life, what is home, how she creates consistency even though she never really knows where she’s off to next, and her amazing new project Rise Aligned bringing movement and mindfulness to young people.

What’s special about our conversation is that as a long time coach and physical therapist, Liz knows how to motivate and how to lead others to better themselves. Join us to find so much of that wisdom and insight.

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