Katie Jackson Para-Equestrian. photo credit Ryan Russ

photo credits: Kimberlyn Beaudoin and Ryan Russ

episode 31: Katie Jackson has Happy Horsey Place in Para-Dressage 

A month ago, while in Florida to compete, Katie Jackson walked into a Cuban restaurant wearing her USA Para-Dressage jacket. How could I not say hello! She was gracious and agreed to be a guest on the show. So here we are in Episode 31. 

What struck me talking to Katie was the force of her conviction to become an Olympian even before the surgery to remove a cancerous knee. As she said, horses have always been her happy place so, for her anyway, it seemed a no-brainer. She describes the sequence of events between initial knee pain and her first International Competition only a year and a half later in January 2017. 

Also remarkable is how right and good the decision was. Her new life competing, focusing on the horses, and finding balance in training and family has brought her great happiness.

Get invigorated wtih her enthusiasm and optimism by listening. 

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Join us as Katie talks about
- cancer
- riding extremely talented horses
- learning to take care of her new body
- balancing her horse life and other life
- training
- her horse Royal Dancer
- riding as an amputee
- prep for the Olympics
- nutrition

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