Episode 30: pro Syd Schulz aims to love racing

Joining me in Episode 30 is Syd Schulz, one of the top Professional Enduro racers in the country.
What is Enduro? The simple answer is it's a cross between downhill mountain biking and endurance. There are some finer details that Syd explains in the episode. The sport's been around for less than 5 years and is still not regulated by the UCI or the United States Cycling Federation. 

Syd, along with husband Macky, are social media experts. They make a very nice living racing and telling their stories through images, words, and video. She talks about that, working with sponsors, and some lessons she learned on a very recent vacation in Thailand. They currently call Taos, NM home, but really, most of the year they travel around the country to races in a tricked out van.

Syd also writes an excellent blog about bikes and life and trying to get better at both. Maybe that's why our conversation is a bit more personal than some of the others. She does look at the larger world outside her sport and training. 

Syd is super fun to talk to. Tune in to hear about Thailand, competing, training, and riding with others. She even has some personal advice for all of us (meaning me) who exercise with others and are sometimes the slowest one out there. Number one - don’t say you’re sorry.

Syd's blog
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Mike Durner, Syd's coach
Dane DeLozier of Revo PT Boulder
Lee McCormick of Lee Likes Bikes
Wrong Trail in Queenstown

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