Happy end of December! This is the last episode of 2017 and guess what?! Hear Her Sports is now moving into it’s second year! Woa! Thank you for staying tuned in.

Today’s guest is Shelma Jun, rock climber and founder of Flash Foxy, an extraordinary multi-media platform that celebrates women in climbing. She’s also the creator of the Women’s Climbing Festival, which is only 2 years old and started with Instagram, but was beyond popular from the moment it was announced. If that wasn't enough she with four other amazing women started Never Not Collective tell "the stories of everyday people doing great things, brave things, things that are challenging, engaging, and gratifying—regardless of success."

Something that struck me was Shelma's description of the energy of her festivals and the value of these all women environments. It reminded me of my experience at Werk It Women's Podcasting Festival this past fall. Being there and feeling what it was like to be around only women was extraordinary in ways that are hard to describe. Something funny that sticks with me was the sensible footwear in the room - beautiful and ready for action.

This feeling, this energy, we can’t quite describe.  It’s almost kind of like we’re drunk with giddiness of being all together. We’re all just so excited to be here together.
-- Shelma Jun about being with all women at the Women's Climbing Festivals

Shelma inspires. She has so much smarts and caring to give those around her. I feel very lucky to have her on the podcast. 
Our conversation is filled with awesomenes:

  • Why is there such demand for the Women's Climbing Festivals?
  • Women lead.
  • Beginnings of climbing culture.
  • With a strong backgound in sports, why did climbing stick?
  • Pay women.
  • Extreme importance of mentors.
  • A tree in the city story.
  • Intersectional Feminism.
  • Why is climbing political?
  • How to use what's close to you.

Flash Foxy
Never Not Collective
Within Reach 
Women's Climbing Achievements
Kimberlé Crenshaw Explains The Power Of Intersectional Feminism In 1 Minute
Bishop, CA

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