EPISODE 24: Monica Lastaiti not drowning in synchro

Monica's sport as a kid was marching band. Since then she's become very active as a runner, swimmer, climber, an most recently synchronized swimmer. She proves that it's never too late to find your sport. In this episode we talk about:

  • rough patches of being a kid doing sports
  • not being good at cool kid sports
  • some details of competing in synchronized swimming
  • costumes
  • boys on the team
  • but mostly how much she loves being on a team as an adult

Monica LaStaiti was born and raised in southeastern Massachusetts, studied Art History at Boston College, moved to NYC for some culture and excitement, then zipped to Northern California for some peace and relaxation. She’s been in San Francisco 16 years refining her love for the outdoors and sports. Athletics is her outlet for self-fulfillment and friendship -- competition is a by-product. 

A runner in her early 20s, Monica found swimming because of a foot injury. Starting from the beginning at age 32 (lessons at the public pools), she joined USF Masters Swim Team 6 months later. Five years later, she discovered rock climbing, which remains a regular and dedicated part of her life. And at 38 she began her synchronized swimming adventures and is trying not to drown.

Professionally, she’s an art gallery director in downtown San Francisco.

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