Episode 23: Alison Tetrick Gravel Love

Alison Tetrick just started racing gravel grinders and she's already won Dirty Kanza, Gravel Worlds, and Rebecca's Private Idaho. 

She talks about growing up in a sporty family gave her the confidence to sign up for 200 miles of Dirty Kanza even though she’d never ridden more than 125 miles.  She never doubted she could do it and thoughts she could win.

Join us for all that, discussions of mentoring, confidence, her love of gravel races, the power of sports, what's up for next year, and she has strong words of encouragement for women interested in cycling.

I loved asking Alison to talk about why she values sport and why it's important in her life.

She's so enthusiastic about everything. Here's what she says about the bronze medal TTT ride with Astana “We were just laughing going we’ve ridden in at team time trial like 3 times. We did some motor pacing together and we rode the course a couple of times. And we’re all just going… we are crazy. We don’t know what we’re doing.”

Photo credit of Alison: Red Bull

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