Episode 22: Cyclocross Champion Helen Wyman IS HOT and Bike Advocate Liz Cornish TAKES UP SPACE

Cyclocross Champion Helen Wyman talks upcoming season, World Cup, sponsor relations, and pay equity. Bike Advocate Liz Cornish shares why it's important to take up space -- physically and metaphorically.

For the past week, I’ve been at Werk It! Women’s Podcasting Festival in Los Angeles. It's been an absolutely spectacular experience learning and meeting energetic adventurous women from all over. 

Since I’ve been fully occupied here at the conference, I figured this is a great opportunity to share with you my other podcast, Off The Front, about women in cycling. I produce (At Werk It! I learned that this is the term for what I do. Doesn't it sound pro?) Off The Front under the umbrella of Wisp Sports. Find them at wispsports.com. Each month on Off The Front, I talk to a few women involved in cycling from riders to makers, to business people. For example AND to give you a sneak peek in upcoming Episode 4 I talk to bespoke bike builder Caren Hartley.

On this episode I talk to British Cyclocross racer Helen Wyman and bike advocate Liz Cornish.

Helen is 9 times National Cyclocross Champion, two-time European Champion, and a World Championship medalist. She is also a superstar in women’s cyclocross advocacy. Many of the positive changes over the past few years — pay equality, race length, tv coverage — is due to her work as part of the UCI Cyclocross commission.  Elizabeth caught up with her in Iowa where she was training in the heat between the first two World Cups of the season – Jinglecross World Cup in Iowa City and Trek Waterloo World Cup in Waterloo, Wisconsin. They discussed her training & racing, the upcoming cyclocross season, working with sponsors, and work towards equality in cyclocross.

Liz is a long time bike commuter and currently serves as the ED at Bikemore in Baltimore, Maryland. Previously, she worked for the League of American Bicyclists in Washington D.C. as the Women Bike Manager. Liz came to bike advocacy because she believes bikes are a vital tool for creating vibrant communities that connect citizens to recreation, jobs, and each other.

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