Episode 11: Kayak & Paddleboard Adventure Guide Alison O'Hara getting better in her 50s instead of slower.

I met Alison O'Hara while in Homer, Alaska on a two-month artist residency. I was lucky enough to discover and join Homer Women's Nordic where I met an extraordinary group of adventurous women, including Alison, who continue to inspire me years later. They so welcomed me into their group that I seriously considered moving to Homer just to continue training with them.

Alison guides kayak and paddleboard trips in Kachemak Bay and around Yukon Island. And she is a story-teller! Find out how she founded True North Adventures 26 seasons ago, how a Vermont debutante got to Alaska in the first place, plus some of her gripping tales of Orcas, plane crashes, and living "off the road". During the winter she is a nordic ski coach, which we also talk about. 

True North Adventures
Homer, Alaska
Frederica de Laguna
Halibut Cove
Homer Women's Nordic
Alaska Pacific University

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