EPISODE 33: Noelle singleton #afroswimmers diversifying aquatics

Noelle taught herself to swim by watching the Olympics on TV, now coaches, and is the creator of #afroswimmers. In the episode she explains what she's doing to diversify aquatics through images and to eliminate stereotypes while connecting to the Afro-swim community all across the world!

This is an absolutely jam-packed episode. It's a long one, so I'd love to hear what you think about the length or if that is even something you think about. Every minute is well worth the listen, so enjoy.

Noelle is a great story teller! She talks about the aims of afroswimmers, passion for her business, meeting swimmers from all around the world, coaching, being an entrepreneur, water as life, having the strength to pack her bags, representation of all races in media, and living her best life through meal prep and eight hours of sleep.

I just feel lucky to have learned about Noelle. She’s such a strong, focused female voice - speaking up about what she believes in. I admire her and hope all of us will speak up even louder than we are now.

She has big goals so stay tuned via her social media, her website afroswimmers.com and of course the afroswimmers hashtag.

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