Ep28: Felice Mueller Keep Showing Up

Olympic Rower, Felice Mueller, is shaking things up in the single scull this year. She just won the Lotman Challenge, a 3-race series, and took home a big check.  We talk about equal prize money (it was equal in the Lotman Challenge), Title IX, disliking rowing in high school because it was hard, her strong, female role models, and training. She has amazing words about preparing for the Olympics and the value of sport.

This episode is for young athletes and for parents of athletes. Felice has obviously thought a lot about her place in sport, the value of those before her, coaches, and what she’ll take away from a career in rowing.

I think having a strong woman to look up to when you’re in high school and trying to figure out what it means to be a woman when you’re in high school and going thru a lot of changes and wondering if you’re normal or not. That was definitely influential. It was cool to have someone to look up to and feel like I want to be like her rather than any other number of celebrities or females who are very present in our media.

I feel SO strongly that being an athlete is an incredible, incredible tool for anyone.

Just like my conversation with junior cyclist, Megan Jastrab, this episode left me feeling excited and hopeful about the future of women’s sports. I’m grateful to Felice for taking time from her training at the Princeton Rowing Center to tell me about sculling and what she’s up to for the next three years.

Lotman Challenge
Princeton Rowing Center
Tom Terhaar, Rowing Coach at the Princeton Rowing Center
University of Michigan Women's Rowing
Mark Rothstein, Head Coach, Women's Rowing, University of Michigan
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