Episode 34: Megan Khang LPGA PRO Family Comes First

This week’s guest is LPGA pro golfer Megan Khang. Megan started playing golf at five and a half years old. All her life she’s been coached by her father, Lee, who also has been her caddie up until very recently. Megan is practicing competing and traveling on her own and giving her father a break so they can maintain a strong father-daughter relationship. Her golf career has definitely been a team effort with her mom settling any conflicts that flair up on the golf course.

2016 was Megan’s LPGA rookie year, so she’s still new to the pro life and everything that entails. We talk about that, working with her father, love of golf, top five goals on poster boards, training, money, her current caddie, the LPGA founders, Acai bowls, and much more.

Talking to Megan I thought about how each of my guests are quite different and I love meeting such a range of athletes. Megan is one of the few young athletes who has been on the show. She is so open about what it’s been like to start in her pro career and about her decision not to go to college. It was super fun talking to someone so new and so excited about her career and future.

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