Julie Emmerman, Sport Psychologist, gets specific with what you need to have your strongest performance.

Julie Emmerman on getting specific with what you need to have your strongest performance. Episode 9

“In the sporting arena, when there’s pressure, that’s exactly the type of environment that tends to brings up our stuff.” And it’s just that intimate link between the stories we repeat in our heads and the struggles of competition that is so fascinating.

Julie Emmerman has a degree in Clinical and Sport Psychology and is based in Boulder, Colorado. She works with professional and amateur athletes of all ages as well as with non-athletes undergoing life transitions.

She started racing mountain bikes as a doctoral candidate and soon was racing, which she ended up doing professionally for six years. She races on the road now and specializes in sport psychology.

During our conversation she offers some powerful nuggets of insight for you.

I know, because I dislike climbing a little bit less now than I did before we talked.

In this episode we cover:

·       How Sport Psychology can benefit your athletic pursuits

·       Advice for a hypothetical climber

·       Self doubt, fear of injury, work-life balance, and eating and mood disorders

·       Some differences between the men and women she sees

·       How to find a professional in your area

·       The process and the teachings that sport allow for

·       Being an ambassador for your sport

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