Hear Her Sports talks to U23 rower Maddie Wanamaker before she races at the World Championships in Bulgaria.

Rower Maddie Wanamaker is selected for the U23 World Championships in Bulgaria.

- Maddie's blog, Off the Water
- Women's U23 rowing selection camp, Princeton, NJ
- Mercer Lake, Princeton, NJ
U23 World Championships, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
- USA rowing
- University of Wisconsin rowing
- University of California women's rowing
- University of Washington women's rowing
- Saratoga Rowing Association's Arion Elite Program
- How Art 101 Made me a Better Rower
- Carie Graves, Olympic medalist in the 8, 1976, 1984
Red Rose Crew, A True Story of Winning, Women, and the Water, by Daniel Boyne about a group of amazing women on their way to international success and glory, battling sexual prejudice, bureaucracy, and male domination
Chris Ernst and the Title IX protest at Yale in 1976. “You need to stand up for yourself,’’ reminded Ernst, who still keeps a boat at the Cambridge Boat House, rowing the Charles recreationally these days. “There are times you need to say, ‘The emperor has no clothes.’ I mean, really, you do really need to say that.’’
- An excellent article about women & rowing, Feminisms: Women Under Way
- Head of the Charles

Katie Nageotte pole vault

Pole vaulter, Katie Nageotte, lets girls know there’s more than one way to look healthy.

It was a blast to talk to Katie this week. What's not to love? A Clevelander with great socks and sneaks, and infectious laugh, and admirable positive attitude. I'm rooting for her at the National Championships on June 25, 2017.

Adidas Super Nova Glides
Bachelor TV show
Pretty Baby, The Girl on the Train, The Good Girl
Pacer Poles
Brad Walker, Washington State University assistant coach
US National Championships, Sacramento, June 25, 2017
World Championships, London, August 5, 2017
auxiliary lift (for abs & shoulders - I dare you! & tell me how it goes)
SOS Hydration
Picky Bars
I Am Enough Challenge

Kerri Jarema put together a list of 9 books about women in baseball/softball. 
     - Bloomer Girls, Women Baseball Pioneers
     - Fastpitch, the Untold Story of Fastpitch
     - Curveball: The Remarkable Story of Toni Stone the First Woman to Play Professional Baseball in the Negro League
     - The Origins and History of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League
     - A Season of Daring Greatly
     - The Girl Who Threw Butterflies
     - Making My Pitch: A Woman's Baseball Odyssey
     - Remember My Name: My Story from First Pitch to Game Changer
     - A Game of Their Own: Voices of Contemporary Women in Baseball

Helena Scutt on Hear Her Sports

Olympic sailor Helena Scutt finishes her last robot and sets her sights on Tokyo 2020.

Helena Scutt is a Rio 2016 Olympic Sailor who competed in the 49erFX Women's High Performance Skiff. She studied engineering at Stanford University, where she was co-captain of the Varsity Sailing team. After Rio, she returned to Stanford to finish her Master's in Mechanical Engineering and now has her sights set on Olympic Gold in Tokyo 2020, this time in a different boat, Nacra 17, one of the few mixed-gender events of the Olympics. 

What is a Nacra 17? Helena describes her boat in our conversation, but briefly it's a new, very fast, Olympic, 2-person foiling catamaran.

49er FX, a women's racing skiff.
Helena Scutt and Paris Henken Rio 2016
"What is the Nacra17?", a nice intro video.
Gulari Scutt Racing
- Yachting World's, "The Foiling Phenomenon"
"How a Hydrofoil Works", A nerdy document from MIT. (A word of caution: "Tripping up at speed and keeping the boat in one piece when it touches back down have been the main concerns." from Yachting World.)
Helena Scutt and former partner, Paris Henken
Muay Thai
European Championships, Kiel, Germany, July 27 - August 4th, 2017
- Nacra 17 World Championships, Grande Motte (FRA),  September 5-10, 2017
- pea milk
- pea protein powder



Phaidra Knight, USA Rugby Player of the Decade

Rugby Player of the Decade, Phaidra Knight's infectious enthusiasm about athleticism, aggression, and quality coaching. Episode 12

Phaidra Knight is one of the sport’s all time greats. She was named Player of the Decade in 2010, participated 3 times in the Rugby World Cup and was twice named to the All World Team.

What I liked best about our conversation is the importance she gives quality coaching and how she herself is making a commitment to developing the future of the sport. She was recently hired as the Coach of Women’s Rugby at Monroe College and is currently recruiting for the new program launching this fall.

Phaidra talks about

  • some nerdy details about the sport that I just loved!
  • growth of Rugby since Rio Olympics
  • a few ideas about challenging gender equality
  • coaching youth sports
  • aggression
  • meditation & yoga
  • training

Phaidra Knight
Alev Kelter, USA women's rugby player
Naya Tapper, USA women's rugby player
USA Rugby
Play Rugby USA
United World Sports
Dan Payne, USA Rugby Chief Executive Officer
Monroe College Rugby
PSAL, Public Schools Athletic League
NY Rugby Club
Pete Steinberg, USA Rugby Women's Eagles Head Coach
Canada Sevens, tournament staring May 27, 2017
Rugby World Cup Sevens


Kayak & paddleboard adventure guide, Alison O'Hara
Getting better in her 50s instead of slower. Episode 11

I met Alison O'Hara while in Homer, Alaska on a two-month artist residency. I was lucky enough to discover and join Homer Women's Nordic where I met an extraordinary group of adventurous women, including Alison, who continue to inspire me years later. They so welcomed me into their group that I seriously considered moving to Homer just to continue training with them.

Alison guides kayak and paddleboard trips in Kachemak Bay and around Yukon Island. And she is a story-teller! Find out how she founded True North Adventures 26 seasons ago, how a Vermont debutante got to Alaska in the first place, plus some of her gripping tales of Orcas, plane crashes, and living "off the road". During the winter she is a nordic ski coach, which we also talk about. 

True North Adventures
Homer, Alaska
Frederica de Laguna
Halibut Cove
Homer Women's Nordic
Alaska Pacific University



Source: http://bit.ly/AlisonOHaraEP11

Liz Weiler over steeplechase barriers

Liz Weiler sets the bar higher and higher. Episode 10

Liz Weiler races nationally with the Saucony Hurricanes and trains in Cleveland, Ohio with the Cleveland Elite Development.

She has a unique and wonderful perspective on running and training. I love her sense of adventure: "I feel like without putting yourself in stressful situations, life would be boring, so I kind of like that thrill of competing."

She also offers an example of balancing work and elite competition, something Julie Emmerman talks about in Episode 9. 

University of Toledo Women's Track and Field
Cleveland Elite Development
Fit Cleveland
Saucony Hurricane
The Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization

Julie Emmerman, Sport Psychologist, gets specific with what you need to have your strongest performance.

Julie Emmerman on getting specific with what you need to have your strongest performance. Episode 9

“In the sporting arena, when there’s pressure, that’s exactly the type of environment that tends to brings up our stuff.” And it’s just that intimate link between the stories we repeat in our heads and the struggles of competition that is so fascinating.

Julie Emmerman has a degree in Clinical and Sport Psychology and is based in Boulder, Colorado. She works with professional and amateur athletes of all ages as well as with non-athletes undergoing life transitions.

She started racing mountain bikes as a doctoral candidate and soon was racing, which she ended up doing professionally for six years. She races on the road now and specializes in sport psychology.

During our conversation she offers some powerful nuggets of insight for you.

I know, because I dislike climbing a little bit less now than I did before we talked.

In this episode we cover:

·       How Sport Psychology can benefit your athletic pursuits

·       Advice for a hypothetical climber

·       Self doubt, fear of injury, work-life balance, and eating and mood disorders

·       Some differences between the men and women she sees

·       How to find a professional in your area

·       The process and the teachings that sport allow for

·       Being an ambassador for your sport

Amy D. Foundation
Tour of Gila. The 31st Tour of the Gila is a five stage race located in and around Silver City, New Mexico, in the gorgeous Gila wilderness, April 19th through the 23rd.

Meghan Morgan Girls in the Game

Meghan Morgan empowers girls to be healthy inside and out. Episode 8

Meghan Morgan, Executive Director of Girls in the Game, and I talk about how sports empowers girls to be healthy inside and out. Girls in the Game is dedicated to the whole girl with programming focused on sports, health, and leadership.

Under Armour 
Michelle Obama works to change the way kids think about food & nutrition.
Go! Go! Sports Girls
Loyola University Chicago Department of Psychology
Dr. Amy Bohnert
Girls in the Game website
Girls in the Game Twitter
Girls in the Game Facebook
Girls in the Game Instagram
Joy Machine Bike Shop COUPON

Quin Crum foil fences at Columbia University

Quinn Crum Episode 0007

Quinn and I talk about fencing at Columbia University, film, and people she looks up to. 

Columbia fencing
Columbia's foil coach Seoung Woo Lee
Dogpound boxing
Serena Williams
Ysaora Thibus
US Fencing
World Team Fencing Championships 2016 Rio - Women's Foil Gold match ITA vs RUS
Mariel Zagunis (the first American to win a gold medal in Olympic Fencing) goes over some basics of fencing. She goes over equipment, set up, and basic moves in this 10 minute video.

Anna Novoseltseva's fencing club in Grand Rapids, MI

Sara Tabbert, printmaker, skijors in Alaska

Sara Tabbert Episode 0004

Alaska Skijoring Association: "We focus on introducing people to the sport and including all levels of skiing and skijoring. Races can be highly entertaining."
Alaska Dog Mushers Association: Sprint mushing organization that puts on "bigger" races with a purse; includes skijoring in most races. They have a GREAT, huge trail system.
Where to ski in Fairbanks. "We often race at Creamers Field, a wonderful wildlife refuge that includes historic building from a dairy farm and is very near downtown. It ties to the above trail system.
Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks
Mass start mushing video
Fairbanks Equinox Marathon
permafrost in Alaska
World Dog Sledding Championships

Lisa Hunt stays strong after bike racing and managing a cycling team with Crossfit.

Lisa Hunt Episode 0003

Lisa Hunt stays strong after bike racing and managing a cycling team with Crossfit.Lisa and I got nostalgic about CRCA & NYCC, her training, and the current state of women’s bike racing. We talked a lot, so the list is long and diverse.

New York Cycle Club
CRCA history
WCA Women's Cycling Association
Crossfit Games
Equalizer TV show
2XU compression
Vermarc cycling shorts
NBS Nutrition
Ally’s Bar
Mike’s Bike
Tour Down Under
Tour of California
Hagans Bergan supermint
Schneider sisters, Samantha & Skylar

Episode 2: Elaine Hullihen talks yoga and teaching with Fostering Hope.

Elaine Hullihen teaches yoga and strength

Poor Elaine, I insisted we both take off our noisy down coats. We spoke long enough to get chilled in the heatless large-closet-small-recording-studio. She talked about her yoga practice, splashing in water, meditation, spending quiet time alone, and her work with Fostering Hope Ohio.

Elaine's blog
Elaine's teacher, Margot Milcetich
Take a class with Elaine
Fostering Hope

Episode 1: Ruth Coffey talks about Boston Marathon, sports bras, and acupuncture.

Ruth Coffey runs her first Boston Marathon

It was a blast talking to Ruth just after she finished her first Boston Marathon! We talked about her training, preferring to train alone, to never never change anything on race day, and about what a marathon start line means to her and how emotional it is. Her lovely accent made it a real pleasure to listen over and over as I learned more about editing. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I do.

Ruth's online coaching: Runner's Connect 
Haruki Murakami's memoir, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.
Rugby & Hurling 
America Scores 
Moby 'Extreme Ways' featured in the Bourne films
Gu Energy 
Foam Rolling